Our Process

The Bioclean System stands at the pinnacle of the truck fleet washing industry for its unmatched ease of use, efficiency, effectiveness, and environmental compliance. There is no other fleet washing system backed by the same number of years of R&D or professional fleet wash companies using it every day.
What is The Bioclean System?
It consists of a two-step setup coupled with mild solutions that are safe for people, vehicles, and the environment.
It cleans like no other!
Unlike other chemical applicators that ineffectively mist on chemical at low pressure, the Bioclean System applies chemical AT PRESSURE, enabling it to break through that dirt and mud, and peel off those bugs!  Another benefit is that the rinse water does not pass through the same hose as the chemicals, ensuring that you will achieve a clean rinse with no chemical residue.
Rigorous research & development 
Bioclean products have been designed to be used in conjunction with the efficiency of the two-step application process. They also have been engineered to work together so that once combined, they return back to the environment at or close to a neutral pH state:  just the opposite of those power washers using soap and rinse. This makes it the most environmentally safe system known. They are made from the highest quality compounds but are still priced at a fraction of what your competition is using.